Book list For 1st Semester :
  • Anatomy

    Anatomy by Chaurasia All 3 volumes including General Anatomy CBS

  • Physiology

    Semubulingam – Essentials of Medical Physiology – K Semubulingam JAYPEE

  • Exercise Therapy

    Principals of Exercise Therapy – Dena Gardiner

    Laxmi Narayan

  • Biochemistry

    Medical Biochemistry for Physiotherapist Kaur

  • Electrotherapy

    Clayton’s Electrotherapy Ninth Edition

    Basant kumar Nanda Jaypee

  • Sociology

    Sociology for Physiotherapy bid Jaypee

  • Psychology

    Psychology for Physiotherapist Ramalingum Jaypee

  • Articles

    Dissection kit

    Knee Hammer


    Inch Tape